About BAS

Business Automation Specialists, Inc. (BAS) specializes in connecting powerful Sage payrolls and HRMS suites to other software, especially time and attendance and workforce management systems.

Working closely with our clients, we contribute our know-how and experience to extend and enhance the capabilities of the Sage family of software .  We acknowledge and appreciate the education and support our clients have given us.

We work with many members of the Sage community:  Clients, Consultants, Dealers, VARs, Verticals, and Software Publishers.  Our goal is always a satisfied client.

Open BAS experience includes working with hundreds of BAS clients and Sage users

We work confidently and confidentially to deliver solutions for clients based on over 24 years of experience in our specialty, a variety of time and attendance and other data collection systems, and numerous accounting and banking software product lines.  BAS has developed a broad and deep understanding and working knowledge of how these systems work together, including processing, reporting, data inputs, and outputs that clients want and need.  BAS has developed an extensive line of software to address the frequently-requested needs of Sage users – all kinds of organizations in widely-different industries.

Open BAS emphasizes coordination and cooperation with the client’s team

BAS works closely with clients, consultants, software dealers, and vertical software providers in the US and Canada.  In order to best serve these organizations, we sell and support only our own products and hand-picked systems.  We do not operate as a dealer for any other firm's hardware or software.  This independence permits BAS to handle systems our clients might already have or cooperate with any group our clients might involve in their projects when our specialized expertise is needed and considered advantageous.

Open BAS’s project management is designed for client satisfaction

BAS provides services to manage the full delivery cycle of projects, large and small.  At BAS, project management includes: determining specific solutions that our clients seek, designing feature-rich programs to solve those business problems, creating and testing those programs, and providing training and support throughout the implementation period and beyond.  At each step along the way, BAS consults with clients to ensure that project deliverables meet or exceed expectations.

Open BAS’s development approach is responsive, high-quality, and cost-effective

In order to deliver programs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, BAS maintains a library of base programs that can serve as the foundation for most of the specialized programs that we’re asked to provide.  With this approach, products are based on proven, supported modules that can be efficiently modified and maintained to meet additional client-specific requirements.

Open BAS’s support is designed to reinforce our reputation as the “go-to” group

BAS takes responsibility to support its offerings.  Because most software and “business logic” evolves fairly quickly, we encourage clients to include annual support for all mission-critical software.  At BAS, responsive professionals with the knowledge and authority to resolve client issues answer calls or reply to contacts, so clients don't get lost in a maze of voice mail or email.  Phone and email support and program upgrades are available via our Support Agreement or as-needed.

Open Support Policy

BAS provides enhanced capabilities for Abra HRMS.  The support we provide is designed to keep our clients' programs operating and well-matched to their changing situations.

BAS is ready, willing, and able to take responsibility for supporting its programs.  We request a cooperative relationship with each client team because it would be impossible to do our work otherwise.  Because most software revisions and client business requirements evolve un-predicatably, we encourage clients to maintain active technical support for all mission-critical software.  At BAS, our responsive, knowledgeable professionals answer calls and reply to contacts.

Programs are registered and support is provided and tracked per program, including associated sub-modules and options.  Registrants who decline annual support do so at their own risk.  This means that neither party makes a commitment to the other and software maintenance or upgrading from BAS may have to be undertaken before technical support is even feasible.  A registrant may purchase “as needed support” and upgrades, if available, at our current as-needed hourly rate (currently $150 USD per hour) with a minimum purchase of one (1) hour.  As-needed support must be pre-paid.  BAS does not support Abra encryption or other real-time encryption in the BASpay family of programs.

Standard Support Agreement
Its purpose is mainly to keep programs current and accessible in case changes are needed.
A support agreement becomes effective once BAS receives a signed copy and support payment.  It is renewable annually.  The support fee is equal to 20% of the total software purchase or as otherwise agreed, excluding services.  The following resources typically ARE PROVIDED as part of our Standard Support Agreement:

  1. Program updates due to changes in Abra Suite data structures and operating logic.
  2. Technical support is generally available Monday through Friday, from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM Eastern Time, excluding holidays and other contingency days, such as training sessions, conferences, and hurricane evacuations.  Specific appointments can be made for support.  Support is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  No shirt - no service.  No shoes – encouraged in Florida.
  3. Limited initial program implementation is covered by this Standard Support Agreement, up to two hours.  Additional implementation time can be purchased under a separate agreement.
  4. Our technical team provides assistance with error messages and troubleshoots BAS-related issues.
  5. Our technical team tracks, reports, and corrects defects found in BAS software.
  6. BAS safeguards source code for base and client-specific programs, stored on-location at BAS and at our secondary back-up site.
  7. Automated support renewal notification is within programs and via BAS invoicing prior to expiration of a Support Agreement.

Customization, Training, and Consulting
BAS may be able to assist you with other matters associated with our specialty.  Other software and services that fall outside of this Standard Support Agreement can be addressed and arranged for separately.  The following services, while possible to obtain at BAS, ARE NOT PROVIDED as part of our Standard Support Agreement:

  1. Assistance with non-BAS software, including Abra, accounting, and data collection systems.
  2. Program enhancements due to changes in the client’s operations and/or business logic.
  3. Training, implementation or consulting in addition to the two hours included in this agreement.
  4. Training for new staff
  5. Hardware and/or network troubleshooting, reconfiguration, and/or research.

Additional Services
BAS may be able to assist your organization in other ways. We routinely work directly with registrants, management, staff, dealers, implementors, consultants, verticals, and people in various roles. The following services, however, ARE NOT PROVIDED as part of our Standard Support Agreement:

  1. Services not explicitly included in the BAS Standard Support Agreement may be requested and provided by BAS through a separate proposal and agreement, possibly by affiliates of BAS.
  2. Clients may purchase additional implementation and training assistance by prior arrangement.
  3. Registrants without active support may purchase upgrades or reinstate active support by contacting BAS.

Open Privacy Page

We respect your privacy.  Our business is based on trust and value.  We appreciate your visiting our website and otherwise contacting us.

Visitor domains:  Our web server automatically recognizes if a visitor enters our site directly or from a search engine, directory, or affiliate, but not your personal e-mail address or computer.  This information helps track usage statistics for the site, but does not identify you individually.  It is limited to aggregate information about pages on our site actually viewed.  We use these statistics and feed-back to make improvements to our website.  We invite and appreciate anonymous feed-back too, and quick questions, how you heard of BAS, or visitor participation in simple surveys from time to time.

When you contact BAS or purchase:  If you contact us or purchase, we safeguard your potentially-sensitive information (name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card details) against loss or unauthorized use.  We also provide the usual alternative means of transacting business with us, if you prefer.  Dealers and consultants frequently place orders on behalf of clients.  All emailed or faxed Order/Registration Forms or online transactions are safeguarded whether stored on electronic or paper media.  We do not disclose information on individuals obtained in any manner to anyone outside our firm, except if required by law.

When we ship:  Of course, we use information you provide on proposals, to ship your order to you, charge your credit card, or otherwise invoice.  We request your e-mail address and phone number in order to contact you if any questions arise regarding your order.  This information is provided only to third parties that participate in processing your order, such as our couriers (FedEx, UPS) and our credit card processing companies.

Opting in:  We also collect e-mail addresses and names through voluntary testimonials, newsletter subscriptions and/or Contact-Us screens. This information is solely for our use to contact our clients, associates, affiliates, and subscribers as-needed or for marketing purposes.

Opting out:  Individuals and organizations who wish not to be contacted or to un-subscribe from our bulletins or other outreaches, may easily opt out of future communications by calling us or using the Contact Us page on this website and simply checking the Opt-Out category.  Please tell us what you’re opting out of – the more specific, the better.  This is not a scam to confirm your email address or whatever, it’s a specific request that we attend to as we would a request from any one of our clients.

Confidentiality:  Under support and project agreements, we often gain visibility of client operations and sensitive payroll and HR data.  This is kept confidential and used by our specialists at client request.  We take our general responsibilities and reputation seriously in this relatively tight-knit community.  We also routinely contact clients and affiliates regarding updates and developments that we believe could impact their operations.  This is often on an old-fashioned, first-name basis – far from a mass mailing or spam.  If you are or become a client, we hope you would want to hear from us.  2008 is our twenty-fourth year in business, based on these policies. 

Thank You:  Thank you to our community of clients and staff, affiliates, supporters, and other associates!

Open Trademarks

Registered Trademark and Copyright Statement
Our work involves passing data intelligently among computerized systems produced by many others:  software publishers, verticals, services, vendors, dealers, manufacturers, and organizations of all kinds.  Of necessity, we mention their names and products in describing what we do and how that may be advantageous to our clients.  Products or other systems or materials with registered trademarks, trade names, copyrights mentioned on our site or in our literature may be the business property of others.  We clearly copyright all our own work to identify it.  When in doubt, please Contact BAS for clarification.  Thank you.