Attendance Data Imports to Abra Payroll





What can I accomplish with this program?

See the Feature Sheet.

With a BASpay Attendance Import Program, you can:

  • Efficiently and consistently accept and prepare attendance activity for transfer into the Abra Suite’s Attendance Program
  • Automatically create new attendance event records
  • Apply client-specific logic using data in the HR system to follow company policies to determine reasons, default comments, quantity, etc.
  • Prepare batches from multiple locations for transfer with awareness and codes reflecting their origin
  • Export new and changed personnel data from the PR/HR system for import by the data collection system
  • Un-post batches that were incorrectly transferred to Attendance by this program
How does it work?

See our System Diagram.

This is a menu-driven program that provides the operator with good control of setup and tasks to import batches of attendance activity consistently and efficiently. You can run this whenever you have a new batch of activity to load, typically along with your pay cycle. Our interfaces are designed to use the best data your data collection can export consistently. Our interfaces interact with Abra Suite directly to validate all in-coming codes and to look up any necessary personnel data, and HR rules to apply your company policies. Assuming no exceptions, normal work flow would be: Import, Report, Send events to Attendance. If exceptions are found in the newly-imported data, the attendance activity batch can be put through the process again after making the necessary corrections. Setup includes control of batch defaults for assembly, various configuration and processing options. Reports include Exceptions and Batch Details. Audit reports of assembled batches are available to screen, printer, browse, or Excel. Optional client-specific logic is frequently included in the preparation of batches. You can use our code cross-referencing that automatically handles codes that are not matched in both systems.

Are there optional capabilities?

Yes. See the Feature Sheet.

  • Export data on personnel changes and new-hires to your data collection system
  • Evaluate imported batches for events of interest, ignoring all others
  • Load quantity for selected paid-time-off events for maintaining available balances (say, vacation)
  • Evaluate attendance events to client specification for application to a “points" system
What happens if I change my data collection or requirements?

See the Feature Sheet.

This happens quite often, in our experience. You would coordinate with us to consider the new situation and update your capabilities. It’s highly likely that you can continue to prepare and audit your batches as before, simply by importing an updated or different import file. BASpay attendance interfaces are designed to be maintained and adapted efficiently to meet evolving client needs, even multiple formats of import data.

What is the process to get this program, pre-configured for my situation?

We review each order and coordinate with the client representative(s) to be sure what we provide meets the client’s needs before we pre-registered and configure the program for the situation. Our “Needs Analysis” and methods are designed to make this a smooth process.