Employee Masterfile and Code Table synchronization between HR, payroll, and other software systems



What can I accomplish with this program?

With a BASpay Synchronization Program, you can efficiently and consistently prepare and electronically transfer data to and from Payroll, HR, Benefits and other software that needs employee and codes information such as Data Collection, Scheduling, and Learning Management Systems.  This elimintes keying the same data in multiple systems, and minimizes errors and lack of coordination among the systems. The more congruent and accessible the software systems are with each other, the more this type of program can do keep the data tables synchronized.

BAS offers synchronization programs for many middle-market accounting programs, many Time and Attendance systems, and numerous vertical market software systems.

Feature Sheet for the HR Synchronization Category of Interfaces

Feature Sheet for Timberline - Abra Interfaces

Data Flow Diagram for Timberline - Abra Interfaces

Feature Sheet for the Timberline ESS Checks/Advices Interface

Figure 1: Sample of Sage ESS check and/or direct deposit advice produced from Timberline Office Payroll via BAS

How does it work?

This is a menu-driven program that extracts data from a “source” employee master file, Sage-Abra HRMS, Timberline, MAS90/200 or equivalent in other Sage product lines, and moves selected data to the employee master files of other “target” software to keep the employee data synchronized between the two systems.  The operator is given excellent visibility of recently changed data records and the option to post the data immediately to the receiving system or schedule the posting for a later time.  Our process also finds exceptions in the data and presents those records to the operator for review and adjustment before or after transfer, as appropriate - insuring that no “garbage” data is transferred to the receiving system. System Diagram

Are there optional capabilities?

Yes, BAS also provides Employee Masterfile Import programs to convert data into the Sage Abra HRMS employee masterfile from Timberline, MAS 90/200, Solomon, ADP and other sources of employee master file data so that clients can add HR/Benetfits/ESS capabilities. HR Sync Feature Shee

We offer Attendance Import programs to synchronize paid-time-off balances transferred between multiple applications that need that these balances typically, Payroll for check printing, Time and Attendance Systems for requests, schedules, and supervisor approvals, and events. Attendance Sync Feature Sheet

What happens if I change my posting scheme, GL requirements, or accounting system?

BAS programs are designed to be modified cost-effectively.  This happens quite often, in our experience.  You would coordinate with us, define the new requirements, and update your capabilities.  It's highly likely that you could continue to prepare and audit your batches as before by simply outputting an updated or different format or data feed.  If you add a new system that you intend to synchronize data with, you’d already be familiar with the exercise of incorporating it in your automated updates.

What is the process to get this program, pre-configured for my situation?

We review each order and coordinate with the client representative(s) to be sure what we provide meets the client’s needs before we pre-registered and configure the program for the situation.  Our “Needs Analysis” and methods are designed to determine what is required and what must therefore be done to make this a smooth process.