Frequently-asked Questions

We get these questions often enough to list and answer them on this site.

We invite you to Contact BAS to describe your situation and investigate how to apply our know-how and experience to your needs.


Open How does BAS work with prospective clients?

Since 1984, BAS has worked with clients as advocates and problem-solvers first, consultants second, and developers third.  We seek to understand the business problems and software integration issues that our accounting and payroll clients face and only then do we endeavor to provide efficient and reliable integration solutions to solve those problems cost-effectively. The difference between a customer and a client is important!

Our programs are not one-size-fits-all or simple "mapping" tools.  They are designed based on years of working with clients and consultants to understand the workings of the software products involved, the user’s intent for the task(s), and the data flows that must be handled consistently for effective and reliable interfacing or integration in the client’s environment.

We listen, discuss, interpret and establish cooperation with the client before we touch a key on the computer.  We keep it all confidential!

Open Can I just buy one of your programs or do you have to write a custom program for me?

Most of our base programs are feature-rich and ready to be put to work.  We confirm that you're getting what you need and register your program(s) before shipping.

Our programs are organized in categories, as shown on the Solutions page.  Our base programs are designed to handle often-needed capabilities.  They are readily available, often shipped or uploaded to you a day or two after receipt of your completed order.  If your situation warrants changes or additions to file formats, configured options, and/or business logic, we can provide that efficiently and cost-effectively - to specification.  In such cases, we typically set up a mini-project and work from a proposal so you know your deliverables, time-frame, and budget.

Open Does BAS Sell SAGE HRMS or Accounting Software?

No.  BAS works primarily around SAGE products, but SAGE products are extensive “core” software suites that typically involve a significant engagement and usually require on-site work.  BAS works closely with Clients and the professional, certified VARs and Consultants who do that part of a project.  BAS specialists can be called in before, during, or after the core systems are in service.

Open What is the process to obtain one of your products?

  • Contact BAS to discuss your need or situation.
  • Along with BAS, determine conceptually what solution(s) would be acceptable for your needs or business issues.
  • Engage BAS via an approved order or proposal that we provide.
  • Implement the software with BAS and perhaps your SAGE consultant.

Open How does BAS support its clients?

BAS charges annual maintenance fees for its software as most accounting software companies do.  For that support fee you are entitled to phone and remote connection support for your programs.  BAS provides a support agreement that defines this type of support.   (See our support page)  BAS also provides feasibility evaluations, program changes for business logic, and upgrades to program features and functionality to benefit all prior and new users of those BAS program categories.  We use phone, Email, and secure remote connections to work with our community - in other words, unlike some software firms, we communicate with our clients.  Ours is not an arm's-length specialty!

Open Why do I need to buy "Support" for integration software?

If you knew for certain that your business requirements would never change, that your staff would never change, that your hardware would never change or crash; or that the software you rely on would never go through an upgrade, then you might not need support.  Software companies charge support in order to maintain their operations so they can help maintain yours.

Integration is a specialty.  Few firms provide it.  It is not trivial to connect feature-rich, commercial, core software systems together such that busy organizations can rely on them for years .  Realistically, you could go "without" support, but you'd probably have to start over when things changed.

Open How does online support work?

Once you connect to the service, you'll be prompted on-screen to download a small program which will allow your BAS representative to connect with your computer and assist you with your demo, question, or problem by phone, Chat, or one of the provided tools.  This connection allows the BAS representative to share your screen, mouse, and keyboard for quick, easy service.  At any time during a session, you can retake control of your computer just by moving your mouse or pausing the session using the Chat menu.  In other words, you can have your BAS representative address an issue or solve a problem with you.  You can observe or you can drive.  The BAS representative on the phone can discuss the diagnostics and step-by-step tasks with you.   You remain in control of the session at all times.

Open Can a BAS representative look through files on my computer without my knowledge?

Absolutely not!  Our screen sharing feature is optional.  Your BAS representative sees only what you see and whatever you decide to show him or her on your screen.  If our online representative thinks it might be helpful to share your screen or open a file on your computer, he or she will suggest this and then ask for your permission before doing so.  The only way for a support representative to work with your computer is through your explicit request for service.  BAS routinely works with sensitive client data and treats it with confidentiality.  See our Privacy Policy under About BAS.

Open How can I save the Chat dialog from my session to review later?

You may use and save the Chat dialog between you and your BAS representative.  This feature is available in the Chat box where you and your representative type helpful text.  To save a copy of your Chat dialog, go to the File menu in the Chat box and select Save Chat Log.  By saving your Chat dialog periodically throughout your session, you will always have the most current log on file.  Once you have chosen this option, a window will pop up asking where you would like to save the file.  The file will be saved as "chatlog.txt" by default, but you can easily rename it.  Finally, click Save to save the file.  After you have saved the session you can open the file and print your Chat dialog.

Open Is it true that the BAS representative can see everything on my screen?

Yes.  But before your BAS representative views your screen, he or she will first ask your permission and request that you close all documents containing private information.  You also receive an on-screen reminder about this.  Let's say you're interested in a demo of the "BAS Archive Program for Historic Data" or you are having trouble remembering a setup feature in another of your BASpay programs.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much better it is for both parties to see the same picture - screens, capabilities, and results!  Rather than calling and trying to explain a problem, you can call and connect.  This approach seems like having your representative sitting right next to you!

Open How is security maintained?

At the beginning of a screen-sharing session, you and your BAS representative get connected via a communication server. The screen data that is passed between you and your support representative during a session is highly compressed using proprietary technology that can be viewed only with GoToAssist software. This data is also encrypted using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Privacy principles are TRUSTe compliant.  After the session has ended, your support representative can no longer see your screen or access your computer unless you make another explicit request for connection.

Open Are there any files or folders left on my computer after the session ends?

The downloaded connection program stays on your computer; however, the file is useless and cannot connect without a new "encryption key." To download a new encryption key, you would need to initiate a subsequent session with a BAS representative. Screen-sharing sessions have to be initiated with you, not by a support representative alone.  One advantage of this technology is that we can retrieve files that you want us to study or repair for tech support and we can send you demos and updates to your BASpay programs - always with your permission.  BAS has supported clients very successfully and efficiently via remote software services for years.