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Business Automation Specialists, Inc. provides clients with interfaces to connect "core" software - including client-specific busness logic.  We organize these in the familiar categories listed below.

We also offer other programs not listed here that might contribute to your solution.

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Open Payroll Imports of labor from time clocks, timesheets, MRP/ERP, POS, Excel, legacy sytems, etc.

Save time and reduce error by electronically importing labor, dollar or deduction transactions consistently from time clocks, P.O.S., and other data collection systems into Abra Suite Payroll and/or Attendance.  If needed, this program can also update a non-Abra system with data from personnel changes and new-hires.

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Open Attendance Imports and Synchronization of points and balances

Save time and reduce error by electronically importing labor or attendance (absence or "hours worked") transactions consistently from time clocks and other data collection systems into Abra Attendance.  If needed, this program can also be configured to import or export paid time-off balances.

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OpenGeneral ledger, Cost Accounting, and Fund Accounting exports from payrolls

Transfer payroll data to general ledger and/or job/project costing or fund accounting systems via intelligent preparation of batches from payroll history, full audit reporting, in the specific outputs needed by the receiving system.

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OpenBank and Cash Management, Reconciliation, Check Fraud Protection imports/exports

Transfer paycheck detail and direct deposit totals to check reconciliation modules, saving the time required to manually type the information and reducing the chance of error.  In addition, export or import check settlement files to electronically reconcile checks or notify your bank of valid check batches to guard against fraud.

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OpenRetirement and Benefit Administration Systems imports/exports

Automate the preparation and reporting of your retirement plan and benefits plan activity more quickly by electronically transferring 401(k), 403(b), 457, PERS, health, or insurance benefit information to your plan administrator.  Use payroll to control important details required by the plans such as eligibility, vesting, loans, employer matching, etc.

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OpenEmployee Masterfiles and Codes Synchronization to other payrolls or systems

Keep separate systems up-to-date by sharing common information like names and addresses, benefits, pay rates, and job information. Synchronization of personnel master files and other tables transfer common information electronically from an originating system to a receiving system.  When possible, we use a three-stage interface process that reads information from the originating system, validates the data, translating as necessary, and then transfers the information to the receiving system via upload or via file(s) suitable for import.
Examples: Abra HR/benefits interfaces for Timberline, MAS, and other payrolls; Abra, Timberline, or MAS Payroll to time clock or other data entry systems; Timberline (or other non-Abra payroll) checks to Abra ESS

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