Payroll Analysis Reporting





What can I accomplish with this program?

See the Feature Sheet.

With a BASpay Payroll Analysis Reporting Program, you can:

  • Efficiently and consistently prepare detailed payroll data for reporting in the format you specify. You are not limited to the out-of-the-box reporting which incorporates only data from the PR/HR system
  • Include budgets, plans, standards, targets, rules, production results, and/or past year data for comparisons in your report preparation to calculate your totals, sub-totals, and variances based on actual worked labor activity
  • Extract historic data from payroll and other sources for distribution to your management and supervisors in the best format for your organization
How does it work?

See our System Diagram

As you would expect, this category of programs differs widely by industry and organization, reflecting how they think about and manage production and labor costs. This is nearly always a menu-driven “back-end” program that allows the operator to stage the necessary non-payroll data, if any, and specify the payroll data to assemble into a reporting batch from detail payroll history records. Our program provides setup tables and supplementary data tables to hold any necessary external data. Optional client-specific logic is typically included in the preparation of batches, reflecting the methods of the client. In cases where uploading the batch is involved, one assembly process prepares all outputs for that batch.

Are there optional capabilities?

Yes. See the Feature Sheet

This is a very focused category, so, there are not very many general options, beyond custom reporting added to BASpay base versions. Optional setup, logic, and processing is typically necessary to prepare client-specific reports that include comparisons. You can also request data feeds to external agencies or to your accounting system. Typically, this is not a high-volume output, however, a batch of detailed “basis” records for any period, can be quite extensive. Optional processing is available to client specification to meet these needs.

What happens if I change my reports or requirements change?

See the Feature Sheet.

This happens quite often, in our experience. BASpay programs are designed to be modified cost-effectively. You would coordinate with us, define the new requirements, and update your capabilities. It’s highly likely that you could continue to prepare your batches as before, but output an updated or different report or data feed.

What is the process to get this program, pre-configured for my situation?

We review each order and coordinate with the client representative(s) to be sure what we provide meets the client’s needs before we build and register the program for the situation. Our “Needs Analysis” and methods are designed to make this a smooth process.