Solutions - Time and Attendance

Advanced labor data collection provides visibility of labor activity so you can manage labor costs!  Collecting hours to get employees paid, while helpful to the payroll crew, is the least you should expect — an important, but very basic requirement.

Instead, with a more advanced approach, you can consistently collect daily-dated, as-worked labor with distribution or cost codes and even planned vs. actual tracking to enable the organization to analyze labor activity and costs, and manage to control labor costs — potentially providing very significant financial returns to the entire organization.

You can also combine this level of labor activity with external factors from sales or production to evaluate productivity.  BAS also offers other related programs and capabilities not listed here that might serve well as part of your solution.

If you would like to confer with us, don’t hesitate to Contact BAS to discuss your situation and requirements.

OpenScalable SQL solutions that can grow with your organization

BAS offers web-based, wireless, and client-server products and systems tuned for users of Sage Payroll Products, particularly Sage-Abra HRMS.  BAS specializes in enhancing, extending, and integrating capable core modules to create valuable and effective solutions.

Not all time collection and "workforce management" systems are created equal.  Various systems are available that include time and attendance, but also deliver basic HR and administration features to help you better track time for employees.  Only the best, however, are designed to meet the challenges of today's web-enabled technology, feature-rich PC's and complex LAN and WAN environments.  Many BAS clients have more than one labor data collection system.  Since many older systems no longer meet the scalability and security demands of today's organizations but serve adequately, BAS works with and supplements many good systems.  To take things beyond this level, however, BAS offers a powerful and versatile system to address complex aspects of a business's workforce management cycle, from data collection to workforce scheduling, payroll preparation, and finally, payroll cost and productivity analysis..  BAS systems are carefully developed to do what other time clock systems cannot via scalable technology using Microsoft's MS SQL Server and offers various unique features and capabilities suited to mid-size and larger organizations looking for an excellent solution.

See our Time Zone Pro Brochure and our Time Zone Web Brochure

Success Story 1: Multi-state, multi-company, multi-union materials handling and trucking company
from the Payroll Department's perspective

Success Story 2: Multi-state for-profit holding company with complex operations, payroll, and accounting
from the Project Consultant's perspective

Success Story 3: California-based not-for-profit organization with progressive payroll rules and fund accounting
from the HR Director's perspective

What can advanced data collection do for your organization?

  • Automate work rules and accurately calculate employee hours
  • Optimize employee resources and plan your labor with a Scheduling module
  • Address attendance issues with our PTO Accruals Module
  • Provide Employee Self Service in organizations that want to connect to employees
  • Accommodate remote workers with Web-Punch or portable clocks, even biometrics
  • Track employee movement between departments or equivalent with Department Allocation
  • Calculate labor costs in relation to job number, project, task, or work function with Labor Costing

Quick Features

  • Software architecture scales from MSDE to MS SQL Server
  • Employee profile offers HR features and workforce administration tools to Enhance your Abra HR
  • Data synchronization with Abra Payroll and HR via BAS-provided integration tools
  • Customizable work rules engine handles complex policies
  • Web-enabled options allow you to mix modules to handle user profiles and preferences

Wireless Solutions for Remote Workers and/or Crews

OpenScheduling, Tracking, Costing, Leave Management, ESS, and more…

BAS works with many types of systems that collect labor data and can be interfaced to payroll and other systems.  BAS offers an array of specialized modules to meet the unique needs of industries, organization, and work profiles..  BAS works closely with clients to determine which functions and features they want to use to track and control labor costs..

The Scheduling module delivers what other scheduling tools lack — simplicity!  Our clients report that our approach has turned scheduling into an important and manageble task.  However, “simple” should not be confused with “feature-light”; we produce results and enable clients to schedule and manage labor resources and allocation for optimum results.  By tracking seniority, qualifications, preferences, and overtime, we can help you select the right people for the right job while respecting the constraints of departmental budgets and forecasts.  Policies and payroll integration combined with time and attendance capabiilities ensure company labor policies are correctly reflected in employee pay, and comparison and variance reports can be run by supervisors and management.

  • Calendar type reports give employees and supervisors a quick graphic view of their schedule
  • Quick reference chart shows projected daily schedules to ensure proper staffing during peak/non-peak times
  • Planned versus actual reports offers you the power to respond quickly
  • Scheduling screen displays number of employees, number of hours, and dollar labor costs scheduled daily

PTO Benefits Accruals Module
Implement your paid time off policies for earning and using sick time, vacation time, or other benefits with the Benefits Accruals module. Designed with flexibility in mind, this module manages benefits for management by exception by Payroll and Human Resources.  You can transfer accruals, produce warnings and errors if balances are used, and set authorization for overrides.  Reporting is comprehensive and includes information like banked time, available vacation days.  You can even allow employees to inquire and view benefit information through an automatically updated Employee Self Service module that is independent of the confidential HRMS system.

  • Perform availability checks when entering absence hours at the time card edit screen
  • Prevent the use and payment of hours not yet earned by employees
  • Display the number of hours accrued, earned, used and available in reports

Cost-center Allocation (...or by job, by location, by department, by store, etc...)
It’s important to track the lending and borrowing of employees from one department to another.  Employees may even change payrates as they transfer from one department or job to another.  This module allows you to accurately track and report upon the time and specific rates associated with each employee and department.  Department transfers can easily be made at the clock or on-screen at an supervisor’s computer.

  • Track department transfers and number of hours spent in each department
  • Enter department transfers manually at the PC, the clock, or capture by a hand-held barcode scanner
  • Monitor and report any variances between actual employee attendance and total hours allocated to departments

Labor Allocation (by entity, by deprtment, by job, by location, by cost-center, by store, etc...)
Designed to collect, analyze and track multiple levels of labor distribution and job allocation information, the Labor Costing module enables both Supervisors and Managers to routinely monitor and actively manage labor costs throughout your organization.  By enabling employees to input data at a timeclock, PC, laptap, hand-held, smart-phone, or otherwise, you can accurately track labor costs associated with each aspect of your operations and entities.

  • Calculate all labor costs up to the most recent activity collected
  • Choose a single level configuration or set-up multiple levels for operation detail
  • Job transfers may be entered manually via PC, clock, or hand-held scanners and other devices
  • Monitor variances between actual employee attendance totals and reported job hours

OpenWeb-based technology for easier access, deployment, and updates

Web-based time and attendance and Workforce Management Systems that can be deployed as a pure web-based applications give your IT team the mechanism to cut deployment costs in multiple facilities.  Intranet or internet-based technology provides this modern approach and may be combined with the client-server administration module to offer the rich user interface of a desktop product to your central payroll/HR departments.  Good solutions, designed to scale and grow with organizations with as few as 50 and up to 10,000 or more employee, .along with our industry-specific modules, enable BAS to configure and choose what suits clients' needs - well-matched to feature-rich payroll and accounting.

What can an advanced labor data collection system do for your organization?

  • Save time on software implementation with no client-side installations
  • Easily manage and implement rule and policy changes centrally
  • Cut down on support and maintenance fees with centrally managed software.
  • Save money on individual PC hardware due to less demanding client PC requirements
  • Accommodate remote workers with Web-Punch
  • Reduce the burden on HR by using the Employee Self Service web module
  • Save time processing HR forms, and vacation requests with the Employee Self Service
  • Save money spent on overtime by managing employees and decisions in real time
  • Reduce money spent in payroll processing by enabling remote supervisors to manage
  • Reduce overall administrative costs in Payroll and related departments - Operations, Scheduling, HR, Supervisors, Finance

OpenData collection modes: clocks, web-punch, timesheets, PDAs, smart phones, biometrics, etc.


BAS works with clients who have existing timeclock systems and offers interfaces for and a selection of advanced timeclocks and biometric devices depending on the needs of each organization and data collection system.  Many clients have multiple data collection profiles among their employees.  Each client’s unique needs determine what types of data collection devices and methods are most appropriate from the array below.

Swipe Card

BAS offers a full line of swipe card and biometric clocks.  Our rugged time and attendance hardware is designed for effective time management, as well as floor production control, job costing, and access control applications.  In addition, our terminals have many input methods including: hand or fingerprint verification, magnetic card, barcode card, and proximity cards for contactless card scanning, and keypad entry or barcode scanners for additional codes..

Finger Punch

Finger scan technology is valuable whenever additional security and positive personal identification are required.  This type of verification provides accurate time and attendance control for any size company, and is based on a specific fingerprint format.  It is fast and easy for employees to use without supervision.  This method can be used to enhance the security of new or existing time and attendance systems and to control access to a facility.

Hand Punch

Every hand is unique.  Hand geometry scanners take multiple measurements of the length, width, thickness, and surface area of the hand and four fingers -- all in just 1 second.  When a person uses the scanner, it compares the shape of the user's hand to a template recorded during an enrollment session.  If the template and the hand match, the scanner produces a signal - it may unlock a door, transmit data to a computer, verify identification, and log the person's arrival or departure time.

Web Punch

Web-punch refers to allowing your employees to record time and attendance as well as job data from their PC or remotely using a standard web browser.  Web-punch allows employees to punch in or out and record job data via a browser on your corporate intranet.  It is also a good option for administrative workers who have routine access to a PC on your company network.

Timesheet Entry, Wired and Wireless Applications for PCs, Laptops, PDAs and Smart Phones

BAS provides timesheet entry and time and job costing data collection solutions via PCs, laptops, PDAs or Smart Phones.  We also offer and support comprehensive time keeping systems for crews and equipment, including GPS and sign-on-demand technology..  These systems are configurable for an organization’s costing and account structures.  We utilize Palm OS and Windows Mobile smartphone technology and our smart-phone approach utilitzes major wireless carriers’ (i.e. Verizon Wireless) data networks.  BAS integration with Abra Payroll/HR and other Sage payrolls is built-in..